Iphone Repair Parramatta

The first factor is whether or not the data is important. Have you backed up your device recently, if ever?
We perform insurance, warranty, and non-warranty repairs on all models of Mac and iOS devices. We have a lot of experience with water damaged phones, tablets, and laptops. We are also experts in mobile repair near Parramatta the art of data recovery. When you first bring your water-damaged device we will do a short inspection, usually taking around 30 minutes, in order to estimate the extent of the water damage.

Assisting customer enquiries in a retail environment and over the phone. You will also be required to interact with internal and external customers and provide troubleshooting over the phone and occasionally onsite. Excellent communication skills, there will be extensive phone and face to face interactions with Australian Unity stakeholders. to create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker. Physical Damage Your phone gets damaged, and you don't know what to do?
Have you got a phone that isn’t working at all but you don’t want to say goodbye to those precious photos or personal data? Our team can get everything you need from your phone and put it safely onto a USB for you. If you’ve got mainboard problems, don’t throw out your phone yet! We provide a number of solutions designed to recover and repair a variety of mainboard issues.

Absolutely, just be aware some model phones require the use of your old home button (i.e. touch ID on iPhones won’t work with a new colour home button), so your home button may have a different colour from your screen. If you operate a repair service in the Parramatta area and are interested in joining the iPhone Repair Doctor as an approved repairer, then please contact us.
For mail and drop off customers, also we will provide very fast and good quality service. Perhaps you use a Microsoft Surface to get significant work done. Our tablet repair service covers any Surface model.
Data Recovery Is your phone no longer operational? Suddenly remember that you forgot to backup your data? Visit one of our locations as we are the leaders of mobile device data recovery. Liquid Damage If your device has suffered liquid damage, follow our step-by-step guide to mitigate the damage and bring your phone to one of our stores. Time is of the essence, please bring it in to us as fast as possible – we are the leaders in repairing liquid damaged devices.

Yes, rice will dry it out, but drying the liquid will leave corrosion behind, which can damage your phone even further. The best course of action is to bring it into us as soon as you possibly can. The only effective way of drying the inside of your device is by hand, and that is something we excel at. After the inspection and discussing options with you, we will fully clean your logic board. First, we’ll insert the board into an ultrasonic cleaner for a couple hours, which will fully clean all traces of corrosion, whether visible or microscopic.
Assessment fees are deducted from the total cost of parts and labour. Customers will be advised of any additional costs before we proceed with service. We offer a range of iPhone, Samsung, Smartphone, iPad and tablet repair.

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