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Some of the best ideas come from listening to what patients have to say. Whether you need a routine eye examination, a contact lens fitting or treatment for eye disease, our optometrist will provide you with the best care, advice, options and follow up. We are committed to providing outstanding eye care with exceptional customer service.
There is no wonder people have trouble grasping the concept of farsighted vision, and why eye doctors often avoid trying to explain it. Fortunately there is a muscle referred to as the ciliary muscle that surrounds the lens in the eye, and is attached to the lens with small fibers.

It is more common to misunderstand how much change a patient can tolerate (we can be right and wrong at the same time), or fail in communicating unusual visual needs that have to be addressed (like someone working on computers 70 hours per week at an unusual distance suffering from dry eyes and computer vision syndrome).
Eye pressures average 15-16 and the normal range is about 6 to 20. If they are 21 or higher your optometrist starts to be concerned you Fort Collins Optometrist may have glaucoma, a disease where elevated eye pressure contributes to eye sight loss and blindness if not treated in a timely manner.

Once you receive your annual supply of contact lenses and are comfortable with the prescription, open the boxes and mark each individual lens package with a R or L. A fine tip permanent sharpie marker will adhere to the surface and leave a nice visible letter.
Changes in vision that occur with age include reduced pupil size, dry eyes, loss of peripheral vision, decreased color vision, and vitreous detachment. Our eye doctors are dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and well-informed at all times. If they are too resistant to this or you don't feel comfortable doing it don't continue to try as it could make it harder for the eye doctor.

Most people will often experience blurred vision since the tears, which comprise the outermost surface of the eye, are unstable. The addition of silicone and plasma treatments mean these lenses may be an option you should consider. Unlike older style contact lenses, the cornea cells maintain the same size and shapes that are present in young, healthy cells.
Dr. Hagen received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado and his Doctor of Optometry from the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston, Texas. Last but not least, patients ask if they can do anything to prevent their eyes from changing.
The incidence of dry eyes in women is at least 3-4 times more commonly reported than in men and also increases with age. Lenses may be displaced, cause damage to other tissues in the eye, and the retina tissue in the back of the eye may have swelling or detach.

Wellington Eye Care professionals are dedicated to improving vision for patients of all ages in a professional and comfortable environment. Edge Optics offers a range of vision care services and products for the entire family including eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, goggles, and sunglasses.
The goal of our optometry practice is to provide you with dedicated and friendly eye care service. I was looking for a new optometrist and went on yelp and checked the google reviews and Colorado Optometry had the one of the best 5 star reviews so I made the appointment.

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